Your Idea Always Hits You at the Right Time

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” — Gandalf. A good quote, is it not? But much better, this quote is actually applicable to real life.

Now, I’m not saying you’re a wizard, of course ( unless if you really are ), but often times, our hard work were met with mistakes and things that shouldn’t happen. At the spark of the moment, it really felt unfair. All the negative thoughts and emotions began splurging out of your heart altogether — from a trivial task like dropping your orange juice to missing out one number on that huge jackpot. But, what if it was the right decision?

I remember once, I went out and applied for work in a corporate. It was not so big, it has about 5–7 people inside, and the environment seems nice. The interview went smoothly and everything was sorted. The HR even began taking snapshots of my portfolio. For me, that was the game changer — I really thought that, “Yep, I’m going in…I’m certain.” I kept on making small smiles at my way home. Oh, how foolish of me.

I didn’t make the cut. Out of 200+ jobseekers, only three got that “love letter” from the corporate. One made it through as a graphic designer. The other 197 were left out, without follow-up of the interview session. For me, it felt unfair. I felt like I was better than everybody else. I deserve to be there. I mean, they did take pictures of my portfolio and all. How come I didn’t get a call at all? I was impervious, childish and irate.

It took me almost a week to find a replacement job. I was getting low on money, and driving for hours to find another one after I selfishly enjoy the environment of my “soon-to-be” office seems to be quite a burden for me. But there I was. At a building designed for co-working, a couple of businesses discuss their movements and budgets and such. I met my manager and shook hands. We discussed afterwards and had an interview.

It went wonderful!

Even wonderful than that previous job. Everyone was really, really nice. The air conditioning is always on and the place is cozy. The toilet even resembles those belonging to a 4-stars hotel. Now imagine,

If I was to get called for the previous job, I wouldn’t land here. I wouldn’t even know this place and the wonderful people inside. As the title of this article suggests, “Your Idea Always Hits You at the Right Time.” Replace idea with anything — job, romance, life, hobbies, anything! All I’m saying is; it may doesn’t seem like the world is with you at your lowest point, but almost always, in the long run, whatever hard work you have been putting in, it will always worth the wait. It’s worth the pain. It’s worth the hassle. It’s worth the time.

Quoting Deepak Chopra, MD., there is a thing called “Synchrodestiny.” It is an event where what you want timed perfectly with what you need, and what you have been waiting for. Quoted again, “coincidence but it contains a purpose and meaning, and has a direction and intention.” It may seem for a large portion of our life, we are always thrown unto something we did not always know or understand, but nevertheless, we still try our hardest to best the situation. And how many times it has been worthwhile of our time?

Your idea will always hits you at the right time. It might not be now — it might be next month, five years from now, ten years from now, or maybe tomorrow. Either way, it will happen to you; always at the time when you need it the most, and you will always glad it doesn’t happen somewhere, sometime else.



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