You Should Get Up and Start Drawing Again

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

And after you read the headline or somehow stumble your way unto this article, you might ask yourself, “But I’m not even drawing before!”. Well, this applies to almost every hobby you have in your mind — whether it be gardening, tinkering every bits of your car, stargazing, everything! And here’s why you should get up and do it all again.

Hobby is our little world of happiness, robbed away from us — either by reality, by our career choices, or by any other actions and repercussions in the past. And I don’t miss the crosshair either. I had plenty of other hobbies in my childhood that went away like a kite flown by the wind, and it never came back. We always remember the kite, the shape, the colors, the tail, the bodywork, we remember it. And it isn’t really that hard to built that kite again from the ground up…I did exactly the same a few days before, and let me tell you, it ended up being really amazing.

Still with the kite analogy here, let’s say I remember the kite that I had in my childhood ( Let’s just assume the kite = hobbies ), and I get back to the drawing board and built another one purely from the memory. Hours later, and the kite is finished! It may never look exactly the same, all the tiny little things and bits, but you ended up loving it anyway. You love what you do, you love what you made, and you will always cherish it — always. That kite reminisces you of your early childhood days, and the days in the future ahead with your newly made kite.

I may not write the same way I used to write years back, but the fact that I wrote something is a start. It is always better than to mourn the old days, imagining what would went different if I do this or that. I’d assume ( forgive me if I’m wrong ), it may have been the same for all the other hobbies we had. You use to tinker your convertible, now you tinker your family-sized SUV car — it never felt the same, but you ended up loving it anyway.

I think we all should save a little time every now and then for our old — or new hobbies — and doing it purely because we love it. And whatever comes out from our new hobby, we still love it anyway. Isn’t that what best, that happiness can always come from doing the things that we always love?



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