Working Multiple Jobs, Working Multitude of Jobs

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

The pandemic hits us stronger than Mike Tyson’s uppercut. I have been on the receiving side with no punches to throw — even so, in my career. How does work will turn out this time around?

I am a graphic designer. Been done that for multiple of years, and I’d like to keep it going myself. But, things could easily take a downturn. It always has been — I’ve been working as regular staff, as property sales, as freelancer, as writer, and to be honest, not everybody is willing to peg themselves down a little bit and continue without their ego intact. I think it’s important to say one thing while hopping on jobs or trying to make ends meet;

You are brave.

Yes, yes you are. See, not everybody can tackle this. Not every person is willing to actually go outside of their comfort zones — instead of just talking about it at every coffee shop conversations. I’ve been seen numerous times during my high school days, helping my parents run the shop whilst my friends hung out and drank coffee and played games all day long. It’s hard, especially as a teenager where status quo is what keeping your feet above the ground and your fame stats rising up; but looking back at it now ( It’s been almost ten years ), I am actually quite thankful for it.

My childhood was hard, and it’s true that everybody fight their own battles. From myself that has been through hell several years back; trust me, it will be worth it. Every single fight you fought will amount to something big, something massive and someday, the road will be paved with nothing but your very hard work. And so does with work. Whether you work for corporate, become an entrepreneur, or sipping coffee in the morning whilst your eyes pinned on the stock market, work is work. And work is hard.

To become an expert at your crafts takes years, and it’s a long road. To take a completely different road and become jack of all trades, it’s still a long road. To go blindly or because the situation presses you to do so, well, it’s a long road too. ( You get the point. ) For me, during the first time I got a job which I have virtually no qualifications at all, it can be quite depressing. All of my life, I’ve known nothing about this job, and suddenly, without any training whatsoever, my first day come up and I am expected to perform. Like I said, it’s depressing.

But enough about me — and my upbringings. Like all of you out there, I am a firm believer that this thing that I am working towards, it will not go to waste. My time spent will not ever amount to nothing. And it’s true. All of the knowledge over your previous work, no matter what labor it is, it will someday help you in ways unimaginable. I know how to put a “smile-voice” through my days as a graphic designer at a radio station. I know how to create and concepting content planning through my days as a graphic designer at an accommodation service. I know how to deal with plethora of people from all around the world through my days as a graphic designer at an international school. And the first time ever I worked, not as a graphic designer, all the knowledge above has helped in more ways than ever. I never knew about it. That I have come so far. And I will do it again, and you can do it too.

Because you are brave. Brave as hell.

Now go slay those dragons.




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Alessandro Mulya

Alessandro Mulya

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