Why Middle Politics Stance is Important

Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash

It has been quite a turbulence in politics in Indonesia. The right has been burning down MRT stations and various public facilities. The left has been quite vocal with the recent homecoming of their leader of FPI ( Front Pembela Islam ) community organization, who has since has given out various horrible statements. Both of these people has been causing major uproar, and yet, it could not shake the very heart of those meddling in between — the people in the middle.

To say that the middle wants nothing of this politics events will be both wrong and right. To say that the ‘middle’, was meddling in-between to what I personally thought, voting silently and supporting from the shadows towards what rules/politicians they like, now that sounds more like it. The middle causes no ruckus and ignites no protests, and none were too keen about either polar opposites of the politics. They think calmly and deduce properly — thinking between the lines — I guess that’s one of the few perks that come along for being in the middle. You are not registered in any of the fanbases of a particular party and/or person.

I remember one time my father said, during a hot atmosphere of the upcoming presidential election, that, and I quote, “No matter who the president is, we still have to work to live our life,” he said, whilst smoking his cigarette and go back to the storage room to carry a package to the buyer. Spoken like a true entrepreneur — and a middle politics voter. To insists that one politician might make your wishes come true is like speaking to a thief to return your belongings. There are no guarantee, no written contract, no faithful oath whatsoever that will fulfill that — especially in politics where sudden party and ideology changes more often than that of a football player during trade season.

We ( read: my family ), are a minorities, both in religion and race. There has been numerous attempts to swing our votes to their likings, but to no avail. Some of my relatives say, garnering the interest of a minority group that only account for a miniscule percentage of the total population is a waste of money. A bit harsh, but there is some truth behind it. But, as time went on, and the youth became adults, me and my siblings learned one thing from all this continuous cycle of being ignored; that we should be skeptical. No amount of sharp-tongueing ( yes, I made that one up. ) or silly promises could woo our heart; we need to see between the lines. And the middle-stance people could see that clearly, being extra careful on which politician to cast their vote at. We should all be more like this.

Instead of slandering those with no affiliation to some political party, they might have something for you; they might know better, they might experienced more. And more often than not, they choose to be in the middle — not a lot of people can does that. For me personally, it takes more guts and bravery to do such things. So, for all of you out there standing in the middle, keep on standing tall and believe in whatever it is that you want to believe in. Because your vote matters, and your beliefs do, too. Go skeptical! ( yes, I made that one up, too. )



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