The Less You Have is Actually Enough

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

I remember being stumped the first I went in college — I was majoring in Multimedia. I got a crappy laptop whilst some of my friend has a gaming one, fetching a huge price tag at that and boasting bigger capabilities than mine. You guessed right. I got jealous. I always thought to myself, “If I had that laptop, I could probably get more job done than what he had done.” But is that really the case?

Nope. That’s the short answer, actually. The long answer starts with this logical fallacy that somehow if we had better equipment, we can get more job done. But being that, are you sure that will not make us lazier? Realistically speaking, if you are not able to have whatever it is that you want, then just by daydreaming and not getting any work done, you are NOT any inch closer to realizing that.

So instead of being grouchy all the time, we need to acknowledge. We cannot have all the things in the world, and trust me — some does not really spark joy at all, Marie Kondo style. Have you ever save money just to buy something that ended up being ‘meh’? That could happen again, maybe closer than you think. Maybe that will be your very next stuff on your wish list. Let’s start by looking at we already have; the less that we have is actually enough.

This is not, by any means, a demotivation to not getting what you need, however; just a clear, rational thinking before you splurge all that dolla-dolla bills unto impressing your friends or just to try and keep up with the social elites. Maybe that expensive laptop that my friend has, maybe he had saved a year for it or something. Maybe he really needs it that much, maybe his workload are actually that much more compared to me. The more we think about the positive side and let rational thinking takes over, the more we are going to cherish others for what they have rather than having a rat race of possessions.

So, always be wise in your spending and never be jealous of such things again,

Because the less you have might actually be better.



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