NFT — the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

The Ayes and Nays

Some say that the freelance designers are the future. I agree to that. But while the artists are expressing themselves as bold as they can be, isn’t it good to jump on trends every now and then?

I guess that’s where the NFT can be neat. See, the artists themselves makes a piece of art that is exclusive on the Internet — it is genuine, it is personalized, it is authentic and it is as real as it can be. As a fan of the artist or simply admiring the art, the artwork itself could fetch a good price with these assumptions. And I am all in for making artists and designers live merrily from the fruits of their hard work.

But that wasn’t always the case. Some miners or simply opportunists which know no manners nor the right time could just register your artwork on the NFT itself, without your knowing. Stealing work — especially artwork — is something that is outright illegal and dirty. So should we stop this NFT thing?

This is the part where the un-neat part of the NFT came along. Most of the people in it ( the buyers, the sellers, the mediums and et cetera ) are really in it for the big bucks. They could care less about the artist and the artwork that come along with the buying process…all they care about is the price tag. Somehow they will buy your art only to sell it again some years later at a ridiculous price. Not only that is disrespectful to the artist, that leeching only leads to other similar greedy acts. That is no way beneficial to the art community itself.

A Non-Expert, Graphic Designer Opinion of Me

I am going to come clean. Have I ever intrigued about NFT itself? But of course. The premise of plunging deep in the artsy world has been one of the thing I will do, one way or the other. From the humble beginning at Behance ( I remember only garnering 14 views over the course of a year period ) to writing several things, this NFT thing seems like a good start. That is, if you live somewhere in the first-world country. I couldn’t get my hands on all the online payment methods they offer, and with that — I suddenly got saddened…but also grateful. Being an artist in a third-world country is no easy feat, but also — perhaps it is better for me to know nothing at all about NFT, given over the course of several months, several artists get scammed outright and amongst other thing that I hate most, get their art stolen.

But my opinion? NFT is something we have tried to recreate in the past with the auction; some of it are legit, some of it are scam with extra steps. It could be hard differentiating which is which, so I suggest you do the homework first before your hard earned, thousand of hours of working to create your very own magnum opus get swept away by the very wave of digital vastness and oust ourselves in it. Whether for good or for bad, NFT will return in many ways — the same way the tranches, the CDOs, the everything that coined a specific lingo that forces us to think this is not a scam, but something that is authentic and real, secure and also corporate.

Or all of the above is wrong. I honestly don’t know — you decide.



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