Life itself is a Philosophy in Motion; We All Have Our Own Story

Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash

We have heard several great philosopher with their thoughts on life; some pessimistic, some optimistic, some other has ideas never heard before — offering both different thoughts on how to tackling adversaries we have found in our daily routines.

Nietzsche, for example, contemplate on the meaning of values — his nihilism value and that “God is dead and we have killed him” urges us to find meaning of life by our very own hands. On the other hand, Robert Browning is an optimist. He has taught us to be cheerful during dreary times, and, I quote from him, “I find earth not grey but rosy/Heaven not grim but fair of hue.” Of life itself, he finds something to be happy about at times — truly the antithesis of Friedrich Nietzsche. But of that and their thoughts, the point is actually not in the life itself, alas, the struggle to find a meaning.

Some may find it pretty simple, and I remember all the relaxed people always said, “Life is all about living it.” And they’re right! It is actually about living it. You may have thousands of beautiful, poetic words to phrase it or a simple catchphrase, but life is about living it. That’s the thing about philosophy. They wrote theories according to each of their own life — making school of thoughts have hundreds of other branches and meanings. We are each our own philosophers, the manifestation of our experiences and the result of our nicks and dents and scars.

I think the difference about you and the philosopher next to you is that you don’t write your thoughts with diligent words.

But that doesn’t mean that we never think for our own, is not it? To take philosophy and the words in it, it is always better to take it with a grain of salt. When one philosopher said that life has no meaning and we will all die in the end and turn into dust, maybe you find it not entirely true on your best day ever. Maybe you actually found a nice reason to live and to be optimistic, and vice versa. That’s okay! That’s what philosophy is in a nutshell. See, when you are beginning to think skeptically towards their works and come up with your own idea like, “XXX is wrong. His thoughts about XXX is not what I see at the moment. I think, it’s more like YYY. And his thought about YYY. And some things in my life that I just experienced earlier.” You see, this thought that just pops up in your head, that’s your philosophy on life. Pretty rad, right?

We were all meant to be different and have different thoughts in tackling life — whether you were able to write it down or pass it down to your kids or keep it to yourself, the thing about life and it’s close-knitted relationship with philosophy remains to be a theory that is less about the books in the library and more about the breath in the life. And don’t get this one wrong — the more you read, the more you can decipher about descripting life meticulously. It’s just that it is not more important than the million of thoughts that goes unto your head everyday. The thoughts are so important that, every few years we became a new person with new understanding and new insights and new virtue of life. So, all of these, play a deeper meaning to make us all a better person in various aspects in our different life. Isn’t that a noble pursuit we all could take an aim for?



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