Keep in Touch

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

“Keep In Touch” is a string of words said almost at every goodbyes, and this pandemic we cannot touch — literally and figuratively. I keep on reminiscing the days of olden, and to no avail of reliving just one of the days…It’s been over a year and the normalcy of the situation kept me out of reach of being just “keep in touch”.

I kept trying to be on board with the doctors, that keeping in touch is by all means, deadly. So I’d rather just pour the “has-beens” in the form of personal stories and writing, because maybe this way, those memories could live forever.

I realize this might be ten-thousandth-millionth article that covers the pandemic in a more personalized, humane way of seeing how much things has changed our life; for better or for worse — mostly for worse, because f you, coronavirus.

I keep on pondering that this is the perfect moment to keep in touch with those I have lost contact over the years, maybe start the slate anew, and have a good memories once again. Turns out, keeping in touch is as hard as pressing the send button with your thumb. It’s the same social awkwardness, only on digital world.

But sometimes, yeah, I do get a message from the loved ones; and boy, is that enough for me. I could be telling you this right now, one message from my mom that has no idea how the internet works sometimes can mean the world to me than a thousand replies on my freshly-baked cat meme. But that’s just comparing two happy emotions — and we all need those two sometimes, yes.

And seldom, all the funny and awkward messages are the ones that made us smile and get up in the morning, and one reason alone is enough to keep in touch, to keep on living. Bested by the attitude of ours, no situation is ever hard enough to keep us down on our feet ( I believe in you, random stranger! ) and keep in touch is, indeed, is to keep in touch with reality, with friends, with families, through one method or the other…as long as we never forget them dearly. So I figured it is best to close this rambling with one of the most used closing in messaging history and perhaps for all-time,

Keep in touch.




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Alessandro Mulya

Alessandro Mulya

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