Idolizing People from Afar

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

You ever had an idol that is so far away, so famous, so well-lit on the limelight and living his or her best life ever — and you kind of accept the fact that you probably will never meet him during your lifetime? Turns out, it’s not a bad thing to have. In fact, it’s probably better to never meet him.

Like all of you ( mostly of you ), I also have an idol. I used to put him on a pedestal and puts poster and images of him on my social media. This man, that I idolizes so much, he seems so perfect. Flawless. The pinnacle of a human being. Well,

It’s not.

It is okay to idolize others, but it’s never okay to worship them. After all, you realize that he’s just — another human being! Just like us. There is nothing that states he could do no wrong or be perfect at everything…really though, human make mistakes all the time, and so does your idol. Although there are some good things that you can take while inspired deeply by others. Some of them are:

It motivates you.

Once when I was a kid, I wanted to become a singer. Naturally, I liked Queen, and Eminem. I even tried to write a rap sheet from listening to those free beats you’d find on YouTube. I have to admit that the spirit is no longer there ( mostly because my voice changed — deeply ), the desire to be, to match, to meet your idol someday is good enough reason to do something and chase it, actually.

It becomes your golden standard.

In the eyes of many great artists and athletes alike, coming off second is unacceptable ( that’s what she said ). And as such, you see lots of them actually becoming champion with this kind of mindset, like Michael Jordan. MJ become champion six times, three times each through consecutive years — I’m sure there are many idol out there that can inspire you to do the same.

It sets a good example to you.

There’s an old Asian saying, “A kid grows up watching his mother’s back.” Meaning that you probably get taught one or two habit from the people around you — and from the people that inspire you. The latter can be hard, especially if you never met them personally. But some time, I always remember the stories about Florence Nightingale or Mother Teresa, and people can actually be remembered for their good deeds. Don’t forget, you may be someone else’s idol, too!

It sparks a fire in you.

Probably the most important one from all of the above. Who’s to say that the younger NBA generations didn’t grow up watching MJ or Kobe playing? If you ask both of them, they probably idolized players from the 80’s too. That’s the thing. While you’re busy grinding and working hard while being inspired by your idol, you’re also building your very own legacy. Your footprints of perseverance and repertoire of sweat and blood and love. Remember one thing; being inspired is a give and take game.

It’s good to have an idol…You’ll realize some of their traits will be your traits, too!

Who knows, you all who idolizes Martin Luther King Jr. will someday be a great president, or union leader, or a mayor! The thing is that some of your idol has a good chance of idolizing someone from their same passion or line of work, too, so you have a good chance of building a good legacy and rep! So keep on dreaming of becoming like them ( and work on it, too ), and let’s hope perhaps one day you can meet them on the limelight and say how much you have grown to become peers rather than strangers!



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