Friends do Last a Lifetime, Schedules doesn’t

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Some while ago, I managed to meet with some of my childhood friends. I haven’t seen them ever since I was 14, and now, we’re 23. Suffice to say, we have a lot to share about. From the times when we were young to how we grow up right now, I can see some of them have a particularly different mindset now — some others doesn’t. And that’s okay. We didn’t come here to point fingers and play the blaming game. We have different jobs, live in different cities, settle in different parts of the world. It does makes me think, though,

That all these years, I thought I will never meet them again. That whatever it is that we are trying to do and how much effort we put into it, there’s no denying that that time we had are lost, now succumbing into precious memories. As Andy Bernard from The Office said, “I wish there was a way to know the good old days, before you actually left them.” More often than not, life breaks us apart and we have agree to that, somehow. That some of us will never meet again is a certainty. But we still remember them. We remember the friends that stood with us during ‘those’ good old days.

Years passes by with little or no changes. Until one day, my phone rings. So much that the whole message group started chattering about when we should go, where is the exciting cafe everyone talks about, how about next week when I’m in town, this and that. Things suddenly escalated quickly, and we met. Hours spent just reminiscing the old days and rekindling the present days. Oh, how the unification of different friends felt so nice. Just know that some of us has to go to the office next morning and some others has to go back where they came from — we can just live in the moment and forget about the schedule. At that moment, it felt that a lifetime of waiting was somehow enough, somehow paid off with just a few hours of gathering together.

And I know I’m not alone when I said I don’t like ‘all’ of my friends. You know, the ones that never click well with you. Some time, I just gulped my ego down and asks things, maybe if we would want to meet again some other time — and, during all of the things I’ve experienced above, this one definitely is the best one out of everything. Friends do last a lifetime, and I’m glad. So much, that maybe the ‘nemesis’ of my younger, dumber self could somehow be redeemable. Because nobody is that evil, and me myself is not a saint either. Then again, work can wait, my projects can wait for another day, my deadline is still days ahead, but this moment of togetherness — it was worth every nick of my time.



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