Follow “Both” Your Heart and Your Brain

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

The old story always goes that, the men always follow their brain, and the woman always follow their heart. Which might be true, but I’m no psychologist, so I couldn’t give you an expert opinion on that. But, what I do know is that men sometimes follow their heart too — as with women follow their brain. It has been a decade-long debate that these stereotypes might imply that you either go all in on the polar opposites. But as the old meme saying, “Why not both?”

The older you get, the wiser you will also get. This also applies to a lot of your decision making, from the simple ones as which fruit should I mix to make a good smoothie to should I really bought that condo next door? In fact, being conscient with what both your brain and heart wants and needs, you can make a decision favoring both, leaving you satisfied and content.

Let’s take an example; that smoothie you wanted from the previous sentence. If you go to with the logical thinking, sour fruits — combined with another sour fruit will probably leave you with an aftertaste so bitter, you might regret making that smoothie. If you go with your favorite fruit, the brightest one maybe, it might not taste that good either — on the mouth and on the eyes. Combine these two altogether, with choosing the fruit you like and then weighing the risk and calculating what might be best to accompany it to the blender — you get yourself a perfect smoothie! It tastes so good, and it has your favorite fruit in it. You gain a lot by listening both your brain and heart at the same time. Now, I wasn’t saying that it will always go that smoothly, in fact, rather the opposite. It takes a lot of thinking to find the middle ground of these two conflicting mind. Realizing what you want vs. what you need is one thing, but getting two altogether requires a lot of brainpower, a lot of heartpower.

Can you always get it? Technically, yes! If you really think that paying a couple of bucks for a cracked pot of plant is a mistake — think about it like this. That particular crack might help a worm find a new home and probably be full for the rest of it’s life, it might be the little source of water or air your plant needs, or it might someday let a weed slips right through it, protecting your plant. It really changes the way we think, right? So, with all being said, you should go and train on how to get your brain and heart content every time you make a decision, no matter how petty or trivial it is. Trust me, it will always make you happy that you think it through and through.



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