Everyone Should Write a Poem

Photo by D A V I D S O N L U N A on Unsplash

It is been well known that some of our art side is repressed throughout the years. While some of our artist friends flourish and blooming, the other — which might be labeled as “doesn’t have an artistic taste” or “not an artist’ type” and “not a right brain thinker”, didn’t bloom as much as the former. And I personally thought, that is a missed huge chance. Because you know what? Everybody has an artistic side!

You may not draw as meticulous as the person in the park drawing life-sized palette, but don’t let that discourage you for trying. I think the easiest way to convince yourself is to write a poem. Any poem, any format you like, any wordings and paragraph — just make it yours. And as time went on, you will discover one or two lines that you like so much, it stuck with you in your entire life ( and possibly become your life’s motto! ). For me, it was the closing line on Invictus by William Ernest Henley,

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

It was a well-written line, encouraging me — and you, to find life on your own account. The thing about writing your own poem is that, you get to pick which line you like and you could make it into a poster, stitch it into some sewing, paint it over the wall, or any type of art you can imagine. If you’re the type that didn’t like to blast your music aloud and poems and that, you could just write it on the footnote of your favorite notebook. Or any book, if I may. I know people still write nowadays.

And the poem that you write? It will be your personal motivation. Your long-time dream realization, or your romance vagabond. Depends on how you write it, it can plunge you into emotions you deeply feel, or drive your mind towards whatever goal it is that you have in your mind. Because the poem itself is personal, it is yours and it is unique, only you can decipher it so intimately with your life — and there is one or two occasions in which people will relate to your poem, too. To me, the satisfaction of sharing something with people made me happy. So much, that I want to do it again. And again. And again.

And everybody that has different upbringings and endeavors, they might write different poem, each for themselves. I love every passion poured unto words that ignites your purpose of life, and wishes to read it someday. Just so you know, that work of art — and in this case, the poem you wrote, is going to be something that you will always cherish — even years and years after the moment you wrote it, and it will save your soul one day. It will change your day and be a witness of your perseverance of life. For that reason alone, I wish — and I will always advocating every people from every corner of the Earth, to go and write your very own, personalized and intimate poem!



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