Endless Cold Trails Leads to Warmth

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

I rant a lot about life; particularly about all the exciting things inside it. And sometimes, things aren’t that nice — sometimes it is dark and so gloomy that you ( and me ) couldn’t help but to shiver, to be afraid and timid about what awaits us in the future…And the reality is that dark tunnels almost always lead to monsters.

Hampering down our footsteps with shudders, I face the certainty of old age not with grace, but by falling down a couple flight of stairs. Bruised, but still survived nonetheless. The thing about all the journey that we all have to go through is that it is menacing.

All the cold trails we try to follow leads to something bad, probably because we mutter to ourselves on the way there; how could these kind of experience gets me far in life? If anything, it only add a line of wrinkle on your forehead. And another one.

Through every trail that has gone cold, yes, I realize this journey could’ve gone a little better. But even though every sunshine and rainbow is a guarantee of happiness, it is good to leave the ol’ comfort zone every now and then. It is hard to trek the road that is both dark and chilly, sending all the red signals to get the hell out of there as fast as you can. But beyond the dark mountain foot, lies the beautiful sunset so high above.

I have lost track how many great friends I’ve made during the hardest times, the darkest roads, the fiercest battles, and all the toughest life lessons. They stay for a lifetime and I intend to keep it that way — loyal friends doesn’t come as easy as you think and I really don’t want to take them for granted, for any reason at all. It is only when I have trodden the road so deep that I began to think, “If not for these precious friends that I have in these trying times, I swear to God I would’ve surrendered already.”

For any reason at all, if it’s any healing for you, I do believe that every human in this planet has went through battles…battles that I don’t know about, but that doesn’t mean you don’t come out of it stronger than before. So the next time the cold trails left you, just remember that you well adjusted to the weather already, each time a little better than before.

Why do I believe that someday all these cold journey eventually lead to warmth? Because, I believe too, that every of us deserve happiness — even if you didn’t thought of it. It will come to you so deserved, so well-timed, so wholesome that it will make you a better person, a happy one at that. So every time you fell down, always remember, you deserve happiness. You always do. So promise me one thing that no matter what, no matter how, no matter when, you will always battle these cold trails to find your warmth, somewhere out there. Perhaps on the road there, you’d find something unexpected too! Happiness always comes at places you’d never knew existed before…so pack up your winter boots and go someplace new! You will never regret the decision you will pick for yourself today ( including reading this article, haha ).





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Alessandro Mulya

Alessandro Mulya


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