College’s Not For Everyone

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

My parents were excited for me to go to college. I think everyone did — nevertheless myself. But as time went on, I realize that for all the memories, for all the good times and for all the experience that it brings, I started thinking that maybe it’s not that worth it to begin with. At least, that’s what I am thinking anyway.

Let’s not let the ball roll wildly and without course; college is great! It’s fun and it’s an eye-opening experience — but it is also, very expensive. You gained friends and colleagues, and study a lot. That’s your typical, daily college life for you. But I experience college slightly different than the others, at least my friends in the same major, that is.

I’ve worked some part-time jobs during my free time, and as time ( and also the semester ) went on, I gained more job experience than my study credits. I also contemplated taking a break from college to fully pursue full-time job and all the achievements and endeavors that it gets, but to no avail. My parents didn’t want that, and almost all of my friends and family also didn’t want that to happen.

As great as it may seems, some of the things you’ve learned during college — they didn’t appear at all during your work, or during your personal project, or some other things at all. To say that college teach you something more important than the studious hours and the materials and the powerpoints that they gave you is somehow true to some degrees. You do need guts, bravery, diligence, hustle, and all of the things that five hundred other millionaires probably said already.

But wasn’t those things could be earned from anywhere?

College is expensive because of the tutors, the lecturers, the deans, the professors and the janitors get paid. That’s what makes the experience also expensive. And technically, everything that comes along with it. The longer I write thoughts and spin heads about it, the more I regret this decision — but hell, any life experience is still an experience of worth.

I’ve had my fair share of communities, and amongst those brothers and sisters, I do actually find where I belong — but that’s not for ever. Those things exists as long as you pay your tuition, and without any further warnings, those things can ( and will ) get swept under the rug. Sure, you will hang out, probably once or twice a year, and sure, those experience helps with your soft skills as you start out your professional career, but also another counterpoint, communities exists virtually everywhere. And the ones that you grew up with outside of college, those were probably the ones that ends up staying with you in your entire lifetime.

The events were exciting, so so exciting. Even I would go as much as to say that college events are amongst the most crazy, wicked, and off-the-limits fun experience you will ever have in your entire life. The bonda with your community and fraternity forges something that all of you have — and that is the blood of the covenants. And continuing forward, those people will help you, or tease you, or break you, even more during your college years that almost all of the memories I’ve noticed during those years were actually of the people that exists on the “crazy-or-obedient” spectrum of the academia civitas.

And amidst all that, I waste so much time reaching out to lecturers for assignment and all that, and sometimes I get shooed out and then they said “You know, we’re just preparing you for work. Office is harder than this.” And office is never like that. That’s the excuse they give to you, day in and day out. Such excuses was also prevalent for some seniors and university staffs alike — I’ve felt like I’ve heard those excuses like a million times now. College ( at least mine, that is ), lacks the better audit for the lecturers, because the students were so burdened that lecturers are noble for giving you such deeds of “teaching”…at least to some extent, that is. And because of that, the lack of critical opinion towards the lecturers were so low, if not even nothing at all, at least from what I saw and feel. ( And I never get a chance to express my real opinion towards the lecturers! )

If anything about the office work relevancy, it teaches you about bureaucracy. A lot of bureaucracy. A lot of papers going through here and there and somehow, a little miss not on your behalf can cause you to do it all over again — and the excuse is still the same as the one above. Yeah, shocking, I know. And what’s a business without a little cheat to get there? Now, I’m not saying that I hate college because of they sacrifice babies for the glory of the Imhotep, but certainly you can smell a bad deed when you’ve encountered one. Particularly in college, a lot of the upper management use — if not, manipulate their college students to somehow, in some way, do their work in the name of “You’ll Need It For Work” tagline. From working for the university with no payroll for passing certain class to requirements to graduate by participating in some events that somehow gave you nothing but sweat.

Lastly, college puts you through some literal hell, from some lecturers that doesn’t care if you’re juggling work and loose jobs and family issues, but the fact is, more than 90% of my lecturers puts less empathy towards my life and say something about consequences and risks and all that ( Like I don’t know about that already ). The friends and the colleagues could be a connection worth having for, but beware of the toxic ones you’d find — few of them can leeches the literal blood out of you — and seriously, I’ve contracted typhoid twice in one-year span just to juggle the hell out of my life, and the only thing I ever get is punishments for being absent and abandonment for not teaming up with the usual pals. I remember thinking hard during my time of sickness, “Even my work was less demanding than this.” And I’d think about my grades more hard than I think about my career or my payroll.

Do keep in mind that this is my opinion of the time, and maybe I was overreacting a bit — take every article opinion with a grain of salt. And if you find those opinions challenging and somehow only sparks a fire within you to pursue college even greater, by all means, do it! There is no wrong in pursuing a noble pursuit, whether it be higher education, a chance to prove yourself, or to further hone your skills even more. Perhaps my article can be a little bit of a news of an event that perhaps will come in future years of your college years, or you can anticipate it better knowing such things. But the bottom line of this is an experience of mine, intimate with the subject of university student, and like all articles of mine, it is written to share my thoughts, my piece of mind, and all of my artworks and publications has always been like that.

It’s been one of my longer articles I’ve written, and I hope I can rant so much with articulation and writing efforts like this one. Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps!



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