But to Fear…

Life has a way to put you on your knees. Quite literally, at times. Just when you thought better days are coming ( or like me, you always waiting for the better days ), misfortunes came. And boy, does they hit you like a truck.

Through all that, you know one thing, and that is to continue. You always have to continue. You can and you must. Have the experience thought you to be better? At life? At overcoming fear? Many times, the answer is downright yes.

But to fear…life? I couldn’t. No matter how many obstacles they threw at me, somehow I made it. I don’t know how — sometimes, you do too! And that is the silver lining of all this mess we never know how we have gotten ourselves into.

I know I can do it. That life itself is a big chunk of challenges ready to be crushed one at a time. But two, or three at a time, it takes an adult to do that. And it sucks to be an adult sometimes. It is easy to catch a baseball off the pitcher if it’s only one ball, but to throw hundreds, believe me, you’re going to seek refuge on the ground. And that’s life sometimes.

What is the biggest trial of life that has been thrown at us that we couldn’t handle? Nothing. You will repeat me. Nothing will get in your way. Nothing that fear could throw at you. Be it that your refuge comes in many ways; close friends, good movies, rocky road ice creams, so be it! Have a moment for yourself and ready to tackle life for tomorrow.

But to fear…thoughts? I wouldn’t. I know for a fact that overthinking does not solve anything, it adds burden. Burdens that weren’t there at the first place. Standing still at a prairie so vast that we call thoughts lifts us higher, without having to know what happens over there ( not that it matters, anyway ).

Clouded judgements often times also puts us in fearful situation. Choices that somehow didn’t make sense, that both will put you in a cage with no way out — but to make choice is better than to feel remorseful over nothing at all. Regret always hits you harder than fear.

Common fact; that misfortunes does happen, and shit that happens beyond your control are there for a bigger meaning for you — and I do believe in that. And what about the things that fall apart because of your own actions? Do we have to fear making a move? Where do we fall in this category, anyway? To fear moving or to fear not moving?

The answer to fear is not to keep it at bay, but to sail with it. With it’s fragile boat and unremarkable craftmanship of pessimism, it struggles to go, but it perseveres. It moves — at a relaxing pace at a time, but making steady progress anyway. See, the point of fear is to face it and be with it, hold it, and without you ever knowing it at the slightest, you will see the beacon on your darkest days, and make it unto the next adventure, of entirely new and fascinating moment awaits.

But to fear…life? I know just one thing and that is the only thing that matters, that it is pointless to do so. To fear life is to not live. Fear it, but do it anyway. You don’t even need a reason to do so…whether you’re going to ace it or not, that’s a problem for tomorrow. Do it anyway, nonetheless, no matter how you chose to do it, what methods and how long it takes, with fear or with mustering up courage,

Fear it, but do it anyway.





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