Branding and the Steps that Matters

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

You’ve heard it before. Brand is what your business really is — what the people will know at the streets and the name that will be spoken here and there, amidst normal conversations in daily activities.

From an entrepreneur standpoint ( at least my standpoint, that is ), brand matters — not because of others first, but you first. You have the option to name it any kinds of name, give the logo every designs there is, but you have to be the one who starts it, not the others. I have had thoughts of making business, or at least, something close to a business. I’ve made creative studio, podcast network, design house — all at a pretty microscopic scale. I’m talking about 2–5 people in it, steadily hand-in-hand building a brand. And that’s the first step: starting it.

There’s no point thinking about this or that or those, the when and why of running a brand — just plunge down head-first and do it. Now, this is not by any means I’m saying you should shot down every ducks in the distance, but rather shot one closest to you. Do what you want, do what you love; if you’re good at it, chances are there are markets for it out there. Do it repeatedly, again. And again. If you want to, grab some friends with the same mindset as you. Then hold a brainstorm session. Choose a name for your business, pick a name. Build a brand. And et voila! You’re done, and comes the next step: managing it.

Are the one in management majors better at managing a brand? Not necessarily. See, you can do well in the things you know most — preferably years at it. For me, I can start podcasts with my friends because I once work at a radio station. I know about bumpers and jingles and et cetera. I have several experiences at college putting together some creative work to make something, and long story short, we taped our very first episode. See? A couple of students ( half-assed at that, too ) can do it, it really doesn’t need much — just wits and time. You’ll get through get it and everyone has been through it too. Just like my experience too, our very first episode is far, far from being perfect. That’s where the next step comes in: perfecting it.

A brand is as valuable as the people around it; as you grow with your brand, spread your wings and soar high, both of you will increase, in valuation and in collaboration.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s no such thing as an absolute perfect. It just have to be perfect on your set of eyes first; and then, everything else will follow. Example being, for every episode being recorded, there are some missed points I realize should’ve been fixed sooner, or any defect and faulty I know sometime after the whole thing is said and done. Now that, is perfect. See, perfection can be a lot of things — if my friend asks me is the episode good, after all the failures we failed to anticipate? I’d said, “Yeah. It’s done, isn’t it?” A brand is as valuable as the people around it; as you grow with your brand, spread your wings and soar high, both of you will increase, in valuation and in collaboration.

So, what comes next? Next in line is a series of tasks handed to you before. In my experience, you may have to start again, or managing what once was not managed or not not managed that well before, or perfecting things here and there. The three steps above are interchangeable and in my opinion, as time went on, you’ll know best what to do and when to do these steps.

It really do seems too simple — “Wait, just three steps? Something’s kind of wrong.” And it is. These three steps will change back and forth. Create one, manage, and maybe it didn’t work, and create again…or, create, manage, and perfecting it, and then back to managing. All in all, what’s really important is how you grow throughout those steps. You know your brand better, you get to know the responsible people and the talents behind it, you start to get a ‘feel’ and a slight increase of entrepreneurism, and that’s what makes the brand big, really.



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