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Are Videogames Bad? Perspective from A Gamer

I have been an avid gamer since I was a kid. Sure, growing up sucks and you don’t play as much as you do back then — but, the passion never goes away. I remember booting up my PS1 and playing “Spyro”, a purple dragon that embarks on a great adventure. I remember all the football games with their 90s stars…but that’s beside the point. The point is,

Videogames are not that bad.

It’s rewarding. So much, that I remembered it was probably one of the few that molds myself as I grow up. Nobody said to me, “You’ve done a great job!” or “Congratulations on your achievement!”. Videogames were the one that gave me such feelings. That I can do it, no matter what. That I am able to achieve my goals, despite the adversaries ahead. In fact, the bigger the adversaries, the bigger the rewards await. You have “leveled up” in life.

It’s educating. Sure, at times, and not all of them do. But, I’m going to be honest, most of my English fluency comes from me remembering every subtitles and every dialogues, every words from every characters, and connecting the dots altogether. For someone whom English is not their native language, it’s quite an achievement.

It’s relaxing. I feel elated whenever I play videogames. I’m the bullied one — the one that gets beaten up in toilet closet, the one that always draw in school and bad at various subjects and doesn’t do any extracurriculars. For me, the feeling of coming home and playing all day long gives me an extra motivation to cope with all of those things the very next day…knowing that I can go home and play all my favorite games.

It’s great — and I love every second of it. Sure, from the humble games like “FIFA 05” to the convoluted, structured story like those of “Kingdom Hearts”, there is a game for almost everyone out there. The casual gamers to the hardcore maniacs, to the build-it games to the destroying the whole world, as long as you can imagine it, there’s probably a game for that. And what better activity to do rather than relaxing yourself, get educated and receive a reward from it? Only videogame can do such things — at least to me, that is.

And next time someone tells me that videogames causes violence, it was a logical fallacy. What kind of games people play when they started the World Wars? It never made any sense. Videogame doesn’t cause violence, the people who’re playing are violent in the first place. Despite all the grudge, bloody games like “GTA V” to devil-bashing, metal-music “Doom”, nobody ever did violence because the game told them to.

Are videogames bad?


In fact, it is good. Quite good, in fact — that I can say it has certainly changed my life in one way or another.



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