All the Silly Mistakes are the Most Beautiful

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

I once had the occasion of a gathering; friends alike, families alike, and amongst all the people I could list in my brain, none of the people that saw me crosses those list. You know those feelings…not the best of friends, but not that “far” either. The following were either awkward conversations, exchanging weirdly close conversation through WhatsApp, and other silly encounters. But I’m glad — more than glad, perhaps.

Growing up really hits you at the head; all your best friends in college? You probably will never meet them again, ever. But that one person that crosses your path one time? That person might be your soulmate. In all of the uneventful events, I never even once noticed where I could end up, no matter how much I try to wrap my head around it. It is bizarre, it is peculiar, it is…beautiful.

You probably remember all the best moment of your life — the shimmering lights where you take the center stage of your life and record those memories vividly in your head. Everybody have those precious memories. But the mistakes? They seldom take slots in our brain, not even swirling around as an afterthought. Mistakes does not want to be recalled every now and then; and we can blame our psychology for it.

And I am not one to miss; all the mistakes I’ve made were probably hundreds by now. And yes, every now and then, those mistakes will happen again and again…Not even without precautions of our life and past experiences. But mistakes were not always have to be treated badly, especially if some of it are inevitable.

Mistakes are beautiful in their own elusive ways. Without ever knowing, the binder you left behind might pass on to someone’s hands and gave them a blank dot of a memory — only to meet you a couple of days later at a Lost and Found clerk and began anew a conversation flowing from your handwriting style to why you need a to-do list for cauliflower grocery shopping. Your silly walking whilst slipping down the wet floor might make for an interesting opening the next time you want to be closer to your workmates.

Thus, the beautiful turn of events. Not only are these things so out of place and seemed too miserable to be true, but they are. Reality is the concept of everything you could ever write and create about, and throw those concept into the trashcan and come up with something dazzling. Something quick-witted. Something random. And those are the perfect recipe for a beautiful mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes and mistakes makes everybody. There’s no escaping and everybody gets their piece. And along the way are the incidental moments that makes life worth living. All the glorious comeback and all the headlong fall are the supporting pillars of our wisdom and emotion — cultivating ourselves through every repeated mistakes, the next one makes you tougher still. Not only silly mistakes are the beautiful events of life, it is the essence of life itself, and for all that it brings, I could only hope for the person coming out from it become wholesome again ( perhaps through other mistakes too ), and every mistake they made serves as a beautifully made stepping stone of success after success. Yes, that means you! So be silly and don’t be afraid of mistakes!




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Alessandro Mulya

Alessandro Mulya

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