Achievement Unlocked: Level Up!

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

At last, I’m back to my roots. Article that’s at least remotely close to gaming reminds me of my teenage years of hours and hours and hours of gaming and nothing else. Whilst mostly wasteful, I could say I gain my English knowledge from that — and you know what they say, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all. And still on the topic of gaming, everyone know at least one thing about it; you can level up in it.

Life is not that different, and it has some similarities too. In terms of level up, one could say that you achieve it celebrating your birthday, meaning you increase one in your level. Other gamers will say that leveling up is a matter of honing your skills. The more you spend time on your one particular skill, the more you will level up — yes, honing skills uses the same command as the one you do in Sims 4, you just have to spend more time and be better in it.

This applies to a lot of other skills ( if not every skills there is ), and this is a fun of treating your hobbies and favorite pastimes as a method of leveling up like the way videogames done it, instead of joining multiple seminars with the same positive taglines and their ultra-firm handshakes. Leveling up takes up more and more time as you progress further in your life, and met tougher foes and adversaries. This is a sign that you have better skillset and weapons to face the foes ahead; a sign that you leveled up significantly higher than the old you, five years ago.

I try to treat painful things as a damage to my health, that’s despite painful or insufferable, can be healed through potion, or if you know most role-playing games in general, wounds heal on their own.

I always try to treat my routines and boring, menial and trivial things as a slight increase to my leveling-up process, perhaps at the outcome of things, I could somehow be a little better on adulting somehow. It’s not always a smooth sailing; sometimes a little bump and dent are inevitable. I try to treat painful things as a damage to my health, that’s despite painful or insufferable, can be healed through potion, or if you know most role-playing games in general, wounds heal on their own. I could only wish less than what fantasies and videogames gave me, but a little bit of escapism is what we all need sometimes — because I could no longer enroll at Hogwarts anymore or be a Jedi.

I write a lot of things about being creative and what’s happening inside it’s vast world of vibrant things, and will probably do so in the times ahead ( I also, if you haven’t noticed, treat that as leveling up; in writing skills ). There will always be routines lying around, laundries needed to be ironed and groceries you will always need to buy. I always think of them as tasks, that, if you accomplish it, you get a decent amount of experience you need to level up — like grinding for hours to get a very specific item. If you’d think like, “But that’s the same thing again and again. How will I level up that way?”, that’s one way to put it, actually.

And I’ve had thoughts like that too, that pops up in my head every now and then. But the first time I cook rice, compared to the thousandth time I do it, there’s a significant difference in how I do it; how less I waste all the grain, how much water do I need to put, how much is enough for a portion, and all that. You can only know such things if you have done it plenty of times, and that is one way to level up your skills. Nobody is born naturally talented at errands. Not me and not you and not everyone else in this world. But, you can be good at it.




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Alessandro Mulya

Alessandro Mulya

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