A Dream, Albeit Realistic

Artwork by Alessandro Mulya

I remember when I was five, I wanted to be a crocodile; and everybody at the church laughed at me. But instead of being offended, I actually laughed with them, too. Even until this very day. Perhaps I should’ve been a comedian instead. When I was nine, I wanted to be an astronaut instead. I don’t remember the steps after that, but it was an ever-changing dreams of something either really bravado, or impossible, or both ( Think about some space cowboy with their own saloon-ship, for an example ).

But that was back then, when the boundaries of something I know I couldn’t realistically achieve were none. Everybody was saying you could do this and that and nothing is going to stop you. Growing up, everything could actually stop you. Sure, that won’t stop me from getting what I want, but you realize getting what you want does not mean getting everything that you want. Give and take, you’re going to sulk about the things you couldn’t get, regret about the things that didn’t appear as it is, and sad about the things that the others could get. That’s life, after all.

But things that you actually get, and you actually like, are the ones that you should cherish for it’s opportunity. And swinging things that way takes a lot of mindset to polish; or huge sum of money to get. By my calculations, rarely people have billions of dollars laying around, so I’m going to focus intensely on the mindset alone.

Your dreams are still out there.

Number one, and frankly the advice I give the most; your dreams are still out there. The thing about me being an astronaut, I couldn’t get it, realistically. But being a graphic designer myself, I could picture myself — or even draw myself as an astronaut. So many people make adaptations of their dreams and of their reality, and try to make amends with both of them, and knowing that no matter how much lemons life threw at you with jet speed; you will still find a way, to enjoy your life and to reach your dreams, one way or the other.

Find new dreams.

Finding new dream can be a challenge in and out of itself; how could someone be chasing new dream if they already have one? But I always believe myself, that finding things you enjoy ( or in this case, dreams ) isn’t that hard of a case to crack. I always thought to myself that I couldn’t really say it’s a passion until I went through it; high and low. And who knows that there are passions for me out there that is still untouched, still boxed firm and tight. And like every passions and dreams out there; it is still boxed like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get. Perhaps a sweet one?

Letting go of your dream.

It’s always hard to let go; either a close friend for years running, your favorite toy, a loved one, or a dream, for that matter. Sometimes, the only choice you have to take is just that — letting go. I always thought of it as a matter of “It wasn’t mine at the first place”. Just like astronaut was never meant to be for me, either is being a crocodile. And while I know I never the other road that is diverged in a yellow wood, I always know that I take the one less travelled by — and that makes all the difference.

Believing dream is a tough catch; but so does reality. If I could choose at the moment, I will always take the chance to get a go at my dreams — it will be a long, arduous journey filled with adversity, and I always believe I will somehow make it. Despite all the hardships out there, despite all the enemies out there, I will stand tall and plant my feet hard, knowing fully well that, dream itself is a manifestation of my mind; if I know I will make it, I already made it to the finish line.

Every day of waking up, I keep on reminding myself of my dream — sure, I may find other dreams, I may take a detour from my journey, I may stumble rocks on my shoes and flats on my tires, but all the adventure leads you to somewhere special, somewhere new and exciting; that’s where your dream will be. So, dream on!



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